About us


Banyan Community School (BCS) was founded in Siem Reap, Cambodia in May 2012, and officially opened in August the same year.

The school provides free English lessons for pupils who cannot afford to pay for it. We do this in the hopes that we will equip these students with the knowledge to help them with job opportunities in future. This will in turn, help them support their families and create a better community.


The school currently operates with eight full-time Cambodian staff, and 260 students, who are currently in levels one to four of the My Pals Are Here syllabus.

My Pals Are Here is a syllabus that is used in primary or elementary schools to help pupils become confident users of English. It contains seamlessly integrated learning and teaching solution for different needs and reinforce learning of text types, English grammar and language skills. It uses a communicative approach that uses authentic tasks commonly found in interpersonal, social and cultural situations/encounters. You can find more information here.


Class Structure and Student Care
Each student attends an hour of instruction each day from Mondays to Fridays.  Each class is kept to a maximum of 20 students to ensure good student participation and teacher supervision.  Students take 18 months to finish a level.  Assignments, class tests, class presentations are given to the students.  Term examinations are conducted and a grade is given to each student at the end of each term and level.

Believing that the home environment encourages or impedes the learning and growth of the student, our staff conducts home visits to get to know the student’s family and engage them in the education of the student.